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  • Duration: 150 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: San Francisco, CA
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San Francisco's Ultimate Ice Cream Adventure 

  • Visit 3 Diverse Ice Cream Parlors 
  • Savor 2 to 4 Tastings at Each Stop

How to Dive into the Scoop-tastic Journey

  • Curated Creams: Join our ice cream aficionados as they lead you through a sweet maze of three unique stops. At each, indulge in three delightful tastings that are bite-sized pockets of heaven – not giant, overwhelming scoops.

  • Variety's the Spice: We've handpicked destinations that promise an enchanting mix of classic ice creams, luscious gelatos, and daring flavors that will tantalize and satisfy your taste buds.

  • Smooth Sailing: To ensure maximum tasting enjoyment and minimize waiting time, we've thoughtfully pre-ordered a spectrum of flavors from each parlor.

  • The Art of Choice: We've mapped out two distinct tasting routes. Depending on the day and the parlors' availability, our experts select the most flavorful path for your journey.

  • Scoop Stories: As we hop from one parlor to the next, we'll sprinkle in amusing tidbits: quirky ice cream trivia, its fascinating history, and delightful facts that'll enhance your ice cream adventure.

Join us on a lip-smacking expedition, savoring a symphony of textures and tastes in every delectable bite.

Note: If dairy isn't your ally, tread lightly. The majority of our selections, roughly 75-85%, contain dairy, with very limited or no alternatives.

What's the Scoop on Ice Cream Flavors? 

Our San Francisco Ice Cream Tour takes you on a whimsical journey through 3 stops, with a dash of ice cream history, trivia, and silliness sprinkled in between. This private group experience caters to 2 to 6 guests per vehicle. We prioritize quality over quantity but rest assured, you won't leave with an empty stomach!

Here are some tantalizing flavors to tickle your fancy:

  • Honey Lavender
  • Pear and Blue Cheese
  • Blackberry Tamale
  • Cinnamon and Honey Fried Chicken
  • Rose Petal Gelato
  • Sicilian Pistachio Gelato
  • Mango Sorbet
  • Ube Snow
  • Black Sesame Snow
  • Mexican Chocolate Snow
  • Matcha
  • Yuzu Passion Fruit
  • Honey Graham Blackberry Secret Breakfast Bourbon Ice Cream with Cornflakes
  • Cookie Dough with Pretzels & Chocolate Chips
  • Banana Salted Caramel
  • Mexican and Manila Mango
  • Cinful Churro

Our Pick of the Parlors 

Expect to savor delights from spots like:

  • Smitten - Mission
  • Garden Creamery - Mission
  • Salt & Straw – Fillmore District
  • Powder – Lower Haight
  • Uji Time – Japantown
  • Cream - Mission District
  • Humphry Slocombe - Mission
  • Hila Gelato - Mission

What's Included:

  • 2.5-Hour Private Group Tour for 2 to 6 guests per Tuk Tuk vehicle. 

  • An Ice Cream Expert Guide

  • Handpicked Ice Cream Paradises

  • Multiple Tastings of a Diverse Range of Ice Cream Styles

  • A Dash of Ice Cream Trivia, Games, and History for Extra Fun

Where Does the Ice Cream Magic Begin and End? 

We kick things off at Umbrella Alley on the western edge of Fisherman's Wharf for a quick intro. Depending on the day, you'll either explore The Mission and Potrero Hill districts or The Fillmore and Lower Haight Districts. The route for the day is determined by the operating hours of our selected purveyors. Unfortunately, we can't mix and match routes, as these locations are scattered across the city.

Sweet Upgrades & Add-ons 

Feeling like a little sightseeing with your ice cream extravaganza? Add an extra 30 minutes or a full hour, and we'll take you to can't-miss attractions or a few hidden gems!

  • 30 additional minutes: $80.00

  • 1 Additional Hour: $160.00

The Nitty Gritty:

  • Availability: These private tours are available any day of the week at either 1 PM or 5 PM.

  • Distance: The 2.5-hour routes range from 7 to 12 miles each, with 3 stops.

  • Group Size: 2 to 6 guests per vehicle. We have 3 vehicles that can be combined to accommodate a maximum of 18 guests.

  • Gratuity: Gratuities are not included, but 15%-20% is customary in the tourism industry (approximately $20 per person).

  • Lead time: For our tours, we suggest a minimum 1 week lead time. Bookings made with less than one week's notice will sometimes limit the available shops and tasting selections  Book early and we'll get back to you pronto.

Dietary Dilemmas 

We're all about introducing you to new flavors and ice cream styles. We encourage our guests to be adventurous and try something new! To keep the tour on schedule and avoid long lines, we pre-order pints of ice cream, making individual tasting items a bit challenging to accommodate. Please note that items served on this tour may contain nuts and dairy. Unfortunately, vegetarian and gluten-free options are limited at most of the shops.

Why Choose Lucky Tuk Tuk Tours for Your Ice Cream Extravaganza?

  • Expertly Guided: Our San Francisco Ice Cream Tour is led by a trained, expert guide. Sit back, relax, and enjoy as your guide takes care of all the logistics while regaling you with rich storytelling and group engagement.

  • Not Just Ice Cream Tasting: It's a fully immersive and entertaining experience, complete with ice cream history, fun facts, trivia, and maybe even a few dad jokes.

  • VIP Treatment: Visit San Francisco's most popular and beloved spots. Our private tours offer an intimate small-group experience.

  • Taste the Cream of the Crop: Instead of hopping around town, we take you to 3 phenomenal ice cream destinations that not only serve top-notch ice cream but also go the extra mile to ensure a fantastic guest experience.

We'll whisk you away to 3 of San Francisco's ice cream treasures, a mix of renowned hot spots and hidden gems. Each choice comes with a captivating story and has earned its place on both local and national must-try lists.

FAQ - Frequently Ask Questions: 

1. Can we choose the Ice Cream Stops?

  • Nope, that's our job! We've scoured the city, taste-testing at all the coolest ice cream spots, and mingling with the quirkiest characters. Trust us, we're the experts you came here for!

2. What if we have dietary restrictions?

  • Sorry, this isn't a lactose-intolerant's dream. This tour is all about tasting, and about 75-85% of the items we've pre-selected are dairy-packed delights. Be warned, there might also be nuts, bacon, and other non-dairy ingredients in the mix. Unfortunately, vegetarian and gluten-free options are not a big part of this experience. To keep things on track and avoid endless lines, we order pints of ice cream in advance, so accommodating individual dietary restrictions can wreck the schedule.

3. Where's the rendezvous point?

  • We'll meet you at the whimsically named Umbrella Alley, 757 Beach Street in San Francisco. Umbrella Alley is where the magic begins!

4. Do we get an itinerary/tasting list in advance?

  • Nah, we like to keep you in suspense! The tasting choices and stops are part of the adventure itself, so you'll discover them as we go along. If you're curious, though, check out our example flavors and the caliber of ice cream shops we visit for a sneak peek.

5. When should we book? Do you take last-minute bookings?

  • For our tours, we recommend booking at least a week in advance. Last-minute bookings might limit options when it comes to shops and tasting selections available. So, don't delay, book your ice cream extravaganza early!

6. Can I get a refund or reschedule my ticket?

  • Bookings are refundable if you let us know 24 hours in advance. Within that 24-hour window, there are no refunds, and you can't reschedule. We have to pre-order and prepay for all those delicious tastings, and being a small company, last-minute cancels are impossible to refill. So, please be sure before you book!

7. Is gratuity included?

  • Nope, we don't include gratuity. In the tourism world, it's customary to tip around 15%-20%, which comes to approximately $20.00 per guest. You can think of it as a sweet way to show your appreciation.

8. Will I eat enough Ice Cream?

  • Absolutely! Our tasting sizes are designed to let you savor a wide variety of flavors and styles. If we served full-size cones or cups, you'd miss out on the adventure. We're all about discovery, so get ready for some unconventional, mind-blowing flavors. Plain vanilla and chocolate lovers, beware - this tour is for the adventurous!

9. Can we add in some San Francisco sightseeing?

  • Absolutely! We're not just about ice cream – we're your tour guides to the city's gems. If you fancy a spin across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge or a zigzag down the legendary Lombard Street (yes, the curviest one!), you can spice up your tour with an extra 30 minutes or a full hour. Get your cameras ready for some picture-perfect sightseeing!

10. Can we mix and match the two routes? 

  • Sorry, no mix-and-match magic here! Depending on the day, you'll either dive into The Mission and Potrero Hill districts or explore The Fillmore and Lower Haight Districts. Our route is dictated by the operating day/hours of our chosen ice cream havens. But alas, we can't blend these routes because these delightful parlors are sprinkled across the city like sweet surprises.

11. Are there additional charges on top?

  • Nope, our pricing already includes everything but the gratuity! No sneaky "booking fees" or hidden charges here. We like to keep things as sweet and straightforward as possible!